At KemKlicks we understand that as a small business owner or entrepreneur you may not have the large marketing budgets to rival larger corporations. However, your marketing and advertising needs are just as critical. In today’s business landscape having an online presence and successfully promoting it is no longer optional. To fill the gap there are a multitude of advertising agencies, technology and service providers charging a premium…where do you begin? KemKlicks serves as your advocate, connecting you with a wide variety of approved service providers, making sure you are getting the most bang for your buck! You continue to do what you have always done which is to focus on your primary business. Let’s help you make your marketing dollars count!


Collaboration is at the core of what we do. We utilize our extensive professional and business relationships in the online and affiliate marketing industry to provide you with seasoned advice and facilitate making strategic connections.

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We will be at the Small Business Expo – The Nation’s Largest Business to Business Trade Show, Conference & Networking Event.

Philadelphia – March 8, 2017

New York – May 11, 2017

Los Angeles – September 14, 2017

Houston – October 19, 2017


In addition, for 2017, KemKlicks will be at several Conferences and Trade Shows in the US and around the world. If you would like us to represent your brand on a global scale, reach out to us for more details on schedule, location and pricing.